The Joshua Dodge Sargent Family, C 1899

Standing left to right:
Hannah, James and Jessie.
Seated left to right:
Mary Elizabeth, mother Mary,
father Joshua, and Robert.
Seated in the front
to the right is Jay.

The purpose of this site is to share Sargent family history through pictures, journals and letters starting with the family of Joshua and Mary Sargent of Alton, Maine and moving backward in time through prior generations.The descendants of Joshua and Mary Sargent are flung far and wide, and this is an easy way to share family history.

Mary Butman Sargent and Joshua Dodge Sargent

Great Grandma Mary and Lacemaking

Here is Mary Sargent's journal entry for March 30th for 1917:
1917 - March 30, Friday - Walked out to Percia Ham's and stopped the afternoon. Intended to go down to Mrs. Phil but heard she had gone to Old Town. Taught Percia to crochet lace. Pleasant day, some snow in the road.

Mary F. Butman Sargent
in center behind tall man?
Searsport Cottage

closeup of group:

Mary would have been 72 years old when she walked down the road to Percia Ham's. I'm not sure how long a walk that would have been for her, but it was long enough that she stayed the afternoon.

The Bangor Daily News article states that to make an Irish lace collar may take as much as 10 hours. Many young women learned this skill, and Mary might have learned it when she was young.
Mary F. Butman Sargent,
closeup of portrait from her younger years

So when you're in the antique store and you're looking at that crocheted edge on the pillowcase, take a moment to think how long it took to make it. And also, that it might be Great-Grandma Mary's work!

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