The Joshua Dodge Sargent Family, C 1899

Standing left to right:
Hannah, James and Jessie.
Seated left to right:
Mary Elizabeth, mother Mary,
father Joshua, and Robert.
Seated in the front
to the right is Jay.

The purpose of this site is to share Sargent family history through pictures, journals and letters starting with the family of Joshua and Mary Sargent of Alton, Maine and moving backward in time through prior generations.The descendants of Joshua and Mary Sargent are flung far and wide, and this is an easy way to share family history.

Mary Butman Sargent and Joshua Dodge Sargent

Robert Lord Sargent 1831 Letter from Mobile, Alabama

The images in this post are scans of an 1831 letter written by Robert Lord Sargent from Mobile Alabama to his son Winthrop Sargent in Monroe, Maine. The scans are provided through the generosity of the Penobscot Marine Museum and are posted with permission. Many thanks to Niles Parker for his assistance in obtaining the scan. The transcript of the letter is provided with the encouragement that the reader look at the scans of the original documents. The transcript is broken according to the line breaks in the original document. The images can be enlarged by double-clicking on the them.


Winthrop Sargent

Monroe, Me.

State of Maine

Robert L. Sargent

1831 Letter Page 1

above and below

Mobile March 18th 1831

Dear Wife and Children I am still alive

through the mercy of God in Jesus Christ

Am in good health am at work for a mr. ____

Bebe __ Clark at one Dollar and fifty cents

per Day and Vitaels & Drink. I bear you on my mind very

much waking and sleeping i often dream

of being presant with you and discribing

the country I have pased through but my

mind is more intent on the Scriptures.

Theay impress me with thear truths more

and more every day. I feel thankfull to the

Father of all our mercys for preserving

my life so long and giving me grace to beleve

on my Saviour. My Dear Relations one and

All, I am concerned about your health

and how you make out for your Dayly

Bread /which is sure /if you fear God/ But more

for your precious souls. It has pained my heart

for fear any of you should live in Sin

And fail of the Grace of God when my

mind is led out to the Lord in prayer.

I have bin imprest for you with a most

tender affection of Soul that the Lord

would Call you all by his Grace and

give you to feel your need of a Savour

by your acknoledgin your Sins and no

longer neglecting to call on his Name

And remember me when you have

access to God’s throne through Jesus Christ.

When we shall meet together again, none

Knows but the LORD.

Robert L. Sargent

1831 Letter Page 2

above and below

Page 2

If you wish to see me, your father Remember

you must Ask leave of GOD. But let us be

contented(?) we shall Se and know one another

in a nother State of of Existence where my

hopes and wishes will be fully satisfyd forever.

I have to work hard for an old man but

I see it is good to learn obedence by the

things wich I suffer. I want you to conform

your Selvs to your preasant conditions And

be shure not to murmer or complain of your

Lot. But have faith in God. He will bring

all our ________ to a happy Ishue. Let not sin

Reighn in your mortial Body but Serve the Lord.

My Dear lovs(?) I have not exprest the love

and hope that is in my Brest. You must give(?)

what your freind(?) has gone through

In my mind, although I have feed at the rich-

ist tabils (sic) and Do Still Live on the best

And have not any temtations to sin.

I have a Bass Voil for Moses and a

new gun for Noah and a complet

set of tools for Johnson and a brass pistol

I have not Cash Enough to Come home

as i whant to. i have a mind to go

out to Texes 500 miles to the west

in the provence of Mexico i need some

of their Spainis dollars. I intend to

come home by the way of long Island

and see Johnson Chaise and Visit Block

Island. If the Lord will. I shall see

you again

Robert L. Sargent

1831 Letter Page 3

above and below

Page 3

Pray for me be kind to your mother.

I send my love to hir and you all tell

Mr. Alline(?) and all I owe I have plans(?) to come

home able to pay them of before i Die. I have

good meetings and have pleasant weather.

This 15 day of march I have worked 15 days

on rail ways to take up ships. i am

Very Comfortable Except when i

think about you. You must

do as well as you can.

I leve you all in the hands

of God praying him to preserve(?)

you all in Jesus Christ and

call you by his Grace. Dear

Children, live in love and peace

& the God of Peace will bless you.

I long to see you all and hear

from you. If you Send me a

letter to Mobile I think i can

get it. I would have you write

as soon as you git this and fail

not to let me know how you all

Do. I remain your loving father

until Death.

Robt L. Sargent

The original copy of this letter is on file at the Penobscot Marine Museum in the Sargent file at the Stephen Phillips Memorial Library, which is open by appointment. The scans of this letter are posted with the permission and generosity of the Penobscot Marine Museum.

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