The Joshua Dodge Sargent Family, C 1899

Standing left to right:
Hannah, James and Jessie.
Seated left to right:
Mary Elizabeth, mother Mary,
father Joshua, and Robert.
Seated in the front
to the right is Jay.

The purpose of this site is to share Sargent family history through pictures, journals and letters starting with the family of Joshua and Mary Sargent of Alton, Maine and moving backward in time through prior generations.The descendants of Joshua and Mary Sargent are flung far and wide, and this is an easy way to share family history.

Mary Butman Sargent and Joshua Dodge Sargent

Summer's Coming - Mary's Searsport Cottage

Summer's coming!

If you have lived through the long Maine winter the land and the green that you see outside right now is the answer to the plaintive winter question of "Why do I live in Maine?" Those of us who are descended from Herbert E. Sargent begin to dream about swimming at Cold Stream Pond, a place that we have visited since we were children. Apparently, Mary Butman Sargent had similar dreams of spending the summer at the coast in Searsport, her childhood home town.

I received the document above, which outlines costs to build Mary's summer cottage in Searsport, along with the following email.
Hi, Dixie

I came across this old entry in some of Mary's papers. It seems to refer to the building of her cottage in Searsport starting in 1910 and finishing in 1911. Some of the entries are interesting, and I am attaching it below.

Boarding horse $5.00
Grain for horse 1.70

James worked 16 for $24.00. I don't think she was talking about 16 hours. It was probably 16 days at the going rate then.

At any rate, it appears that Mary's Cottage cost about $600, quite a bit less than a cottage at Cold Stream today.
Hope all is well.


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